Place Development at the City of Perth includes working with stakeholders to assist in the delivery of City projects aiming to improve the performance, profile and reputation of the City’s various precincts, built form and public open space.

Place Development is a dynamic field that requires extensive work with internal and external City stakeholders including areas of  Planning and Coordination and Design as well as private developers and property owners to facilitate built form and place outcomes including assessment of place plans and activation infrastructure, activating underutilised spaces such as laneways and upper floors and conducting place based assessments of future development sites in line with Council strategy.

Fast facts

For the Barrack Street Improvement Program, a project which aligned existing  City of Perth incentives and grants programmes with programmed capital works,  a total of $334,498 was spent by the City in the 2014/15 through 2016/17 financial years in regards to the awarding of Heritage and Small Business Grants.   Private investment contributing to the Improvement Program has amounted to $4,161,824 as a result of those grants (over 12 fold the City’s investment). (Source: Barrack street update report)