Food Businesses

The City registers and inspects food businesses operating in the City. There are minimum standards by which these premises must operate in relation to food safety and maintenance. 

If you wish to establish or purchase a food business in the City of Perth, it is recommended that you contact the City for advice prior to entering into contractual arrangements or undertaking any significant works. The construction, operation and maintenance of food businesses are subject to the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

For more information on Food Business notification, registration, construction or approval. Click here.

Liquor Licensing

To be able to sell liquor, a liquor licence is required from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. An application for liquor licence is to be accompanied by a certificate of local health authority (‘section 39’ certificate) and certificate of local planning authority (‘section 40’ certificate) from the City of Perth. Application fees apply. For more information please contact us.

Food Safety Training 

All food handlers (i.e. persons working with food) are required to be competent in terms of food safety skills and knowledge. ‘I’m Alert’ is a free online interactive food safety training course that covers basic food safety skills and knowledge. It is recommended that all existing and new food business employees complete this online training course prior to undertaking food handling activities. In addition to ‘I’m Alert’, the City is able to customise group food safety training packages for food businesses operating within the City. Food safety training delivered by the City of Perth covers topics such as -  

  • Temperature control of potentially hazardous foods 
  • Basic microbiology
  • Hygienic food preparation
  • Maintenance of premises and equipment 
  • Food receipt and transport
  • Food safe® food safety progamme. 

If you are interested in food safety training, please get in touch with an Environmental Health Officer.