Do you want to be involved and promote your city business on the 'Visit Perth City' website? We would love you to have a presence on our website and we'd also love to showcase your business and events across our social media.

The City of Perth website is an important avenue for promoting your business. 

In addition, the City often runs tactical campaigns to promote what businesses have on offer around a particular time e.g. Christmas, New Year, Australia Day. In order to participate in these campaigns, your business must be registered and your offer must be submitted in a timely manner.

Your event, special offer and business can be submitted for free to gain exposure to a sizeable, engaged audience seeking city-based activities and information, with a 2015 average of 80,000 monthly unique visitors to the site. In addition to our web audience, the City will use selected information submitted to our portal to promote on our powerful social media channels that include 132,000 Facebook fans, 40,800 Instagram followers and 77,600 Twitter followers.

You can get your own login for and upload your business and events straight to our website. 

The advantage of doing it yourself is that if something needs to change on your listing or you want to upload more photos then you have control over the page to do so. 


1.    If you haven't already, please register for an account at
2.    You must have a venue listing associated with your account in order to be able to add a special offer.
3.    Please check the website for any existing venue listings for your business. If you see an existing listing on the website for your venue, email with your username and the venue listing/s you would like reassigned to your account. You will now be able to create Special Offers on behalf of your business listing.
4.    If a venue listing doesn't already exist for your business, you will have to create a new one at Depending on your type of business, you will need to create an 'Eat and Drink' location if you are a cafe, restaurant or bar, a 'Shop' location if you are a retailer, or a 'See & Do'' location if you are an entertainment or tourism business.


5.    When you have confirmation of a published venue listing on your account, log in again to add your offering (this needs to go through an approval process before it is visible on the website). You will need to add it as a Special Offer.'
6.    Make sure you are aware of any special tag that is being used as part of a campaign (e.g. Christmas) and add that to the end of the name of your Special Offer (in the heading).
7.    Be sure to have a suitable image (less than 2MB, 300DPI) of your Special Offer and consider how it will appear on (square thumbnail).
8.    All listings remain unpublished until they are approved by an administrator, at which time you will be notified via email. Please allow up to one week for moderation.