The City of Perth, in partnership with the Water Corporation and the Property Council have  launched a voluntary program to support the Perth commercial office sector to shift towards best practice water use. 

The Waterwise Office Program is a free program that provides resources and recognition to owners and managers of office buildings that commit to improving water efficiency in their buildings. 

Office buildings that are larger than 5,000m2 NLA in size or consume more than 5,000kL per annum are eligible to participate in the Waterwise Office Program.

To join the program the building owner or an owner’s representative must sign a letter to commitment to:

  • Complete a Water Management Plan within 3 months of signing up to the program.
  • Provide feedback annually regarding the progress of actions within the Water Management Plan to the Program Partners.

Buildings that meet the above criteria will be listed as a participant of the Waterwise Office Program on the Program Partner’s websites.  

Further details about the program, including how to join, are available on the Water Corporations website