As the commercial centre for Western Australia's increasingly important export industries, the City of Perth has increased its commitment to building and fostering International relations that provide cultural and/or commercial advantages for all participants.

The City frequently hosts delegates from overseas governments, associations and businesses and an essential part of this activity is the establishment or strengthening of international relations for both the City and the businesses that operate here.

The creation of new economic and cultural links with other nations is an important criteria for the City's financial support of a wide range of industry events, conventions and exhibitions.  Additionally the City's sponsors the Perth Convention Bureau which actively attracts international business.

The City also participates in strong international alliances such as the World Energy Cities Partnership and a range of Sister City agreements.

These relationships seek to position Perth as an internationally significant economic and resources hub for the wider region. strengthening international networks, attracting inward investment and promoting international trade.

The City of Perth can also provide business matching services for local and international companies to assist in the development of new export markets.


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