Creative Industries

Creative Industries (CIs) are businesses that turn creative ideas into commercial outcomes. The economic, social and cultural contributions of these industries are highly valued by the City of Perth as essential elements of an advanced and thriving regional economy.

CIs are vital in shaping the cultural identity of a region, which has been identified as an important factor in attracting and retaining talent across all industry sectors, given an increasingly mobile international workforce. CIs also provide important and unique professional services to other industries.

CIs include: music and performing arts; film, television and radio; advertising and marketing; software development and interactive content; writing, publishing and print media; and architecture, design and visual arts.

How does the City support Creative Industries?

The City of Perth places a high value on attracting and retaining CI businesses within city boundaries and supports the industry through:

  • strengthening CI networks and relationships by connecting professionals and encouraging the exchange of ideas;
  • supporting and sponsoring major CI events such as Startup Weekend, The Founder Institute, OzzApp Awards / West Tech Fest and Unearthed, as well as smaller networking events for local industry groups;
  • working with CI professionals to support the establishment of co-working spaces; and
  • offering small business grants for businesses in the City of Perth local government area for creative and innovative projects.

Creative Clusters

Traditionally, CI businesses have 'clustered' in locations that combine low barriers to entry with high levels of cultural and urban amenity. 

Inner-city reactivation and the development of co-op or 'co-working spaces' has made it easier for CI businesses to establish themselves in the heart of WA's commercial district, closer to clients and potential investors.

A combination of commercial, government and property programs has resulted in a third of all registered CI businesses in the Metropolitan Perth locating within City of Perth local government boundaries.

For more information on the City's CI programs and opportunities, please contact the Economic Development Unit on (08) 9461 3198, or via email at

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