At the City of Perth, a dedicated International Engagement team manages the City’s existing international relationship network including sister cities and World Energy City Partnership members.

This team looks after inbound international visitors and delegations, services international business enquiries and supports the City’s international activities.

This team also develops strategic relationships with key international markets that contribute to economic growth, and supports civic relationships of the City of Perth and maintains relations with local stakeholders, key consular and international government officials with the goal of increasing economic benefits for ratepayers.

Fast facts

Perth is situated in the same time zone as 60 per cent of the world’s population and is the only Australian city to share business hours with Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia. More than 50 countries have official government representation in Perth and new consulates are opening every year. The City of Perth has 9 Sister Cities and 2 Charters of Mutual Friendship:

Perth is also a founding member of the World Energy Cities Partnership , a non-profit organisation established in 1995 with a membership formed from cities that are globally recognised as being international energy capitals.

We are a proud member of the following business chambers:

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