City of Perth Library Conditions of Use

To help us provide a welcoming and safe environment, please:

  • Treat other patrons with respect and courtesy
  • Treat Library staff with respect and courtesy, and follow their instructions
  • Meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene and clothing
  • Take care not to cause an obstruction with power cords or belongings
  • Use mobile phones and other electronic devices quietly 
  • View appropriate ‘G’ rated material on laptops or library computers
  • Take care of Library furniture, collections and property 
  • Take responsibility for your belongings
  • Supervise and take responsibility for those in your care
  • Be considerate of others when taking photographs or videos in the building
  • Inform Library staff if you have any concerns
  • Do not enter the Library if under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Leave the Library when requested at closing time or during an emergency situation.

Please note:

  • Assistance and therapy animals are welcome.
  • Cold food and covered or bottled drinks are permitted (no strong smelling hot food).
  • Patrons cannot use the Library or its facilities for carrying on a business unless the City has granted a permit to do so. A permit will not be approved for this purpose.
  • For your safety, surveillance cameras monitor public areas.
  • Patrons who do not abide by these conditions may be asked to leave or be banned from the Library. Illegal behaviour will be referred to the WA Police.
  • These conditions are in accordance with the Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951; Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985.

City of Perth Library Conditions of Membership

I agree to abide by all City of Perth policies and conditions of use and will:

  • Present my City of Perth Library card for all Library transactions.
  • Accept responsibility for all items borrowed on my card and cards issued to minors named on the Library membership form.
  • Report lost/stolen cards to the City of Perth Library immediately.
  • Return items on or before the due date (or arrange a renewal if applicable).
  • Agree to pay all charges imposed for late returns, replacement costs and processing charges for any lost, stolen or damaged items; understanding all items remain the property of the City of Perth Library.
  • Respect the rights and security of staff and other Library users.
  • Notify the City of Perth Library of any changes to the contact details provided.