The Heritage Award Program has been established to recognise the efforts made by individuals and groups in the conservation, promotion and enhancement of the city’s heritage.

The Heritage Award program has been established to recognise the effort made by individuals and groups in the conservation, promotion and enhancement of the city’s heritage.

The aim of the heritage Award Program is to promote a positive image of heritage and to recognise excellence in building design and conservation.

The Award is based on one major cash prize of $10,000, with minor awards (in the form of certificates) being presented to the finalists.

The Award is held every two years and open to include a wide variety of heritage based topics such as development/ construction, conservation, and community achievement and promotion.

Award Topics

Entries will be accepted for projects that make a contribution to the city under any of the following headings:

  • Conservation/restoration of a heritage place: Promotes the conservation of a heritage place in the built environment.
  • Adaptation of a heritage place: Promotes the sensitive adaptation of an existing building to make it suitable for another use.
  • Construction of a new building: Recognises a new building which harmonises with the existing (historic) streetscape, without mimicking traditional architectural styles.
  • Additions to existing heritage place: Recognises sympathetic and innovative additions to an existing residential, commercial or industrial building.
  • Community achievement: Recognises an individual or group’s influence and involvement with heritage and includes promotional activities/material, the consistent demonstration of good building design or the preparation of literature or artwork/photography relevant to heritage in the City of Perth.

The Heritage Award Brochure provides an explanation of the processes involved in submitting an application for the Award program and incorporates the criteria for which the Award will be judged. 

City of Perth Heritage Awards 2014

The restoration of ornate balconies on a prominent 19th century city building has earned the City of Perth Heritage Award for Duratec Australia Pty Ltd and Maitland Heritage Engineering.

The balconies on the Old Treasury Building and adjoining Land Titles Office have been returned to their former glory after deteriorating and being obscured for almost two decades.

The work is being carried out on behalf of the property owner, FJM Properties who received the $10,000 award prize money which it was later announced would go to charity.

Two other projects were awarded Certificates of Merit in the biennial awards.  They were for the conservation and restoration of the Trades Hall in Beaufort Street, Northbridge (Simon Jacobs, JUO Design Studios) and the City Loans Office at 143 Barrack Street (Peter Rossdeutcher).

Heritage Award 2014 - Old Treasury Building restoration Heritage Award 2014 winners

Images: Old Treasury Building (left) and 2014 Heritage Award Winners (right)