Organisational structure

The day-to-day running of the City of Perth is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer.

Along with the directors and staff, the Chief Executive Officer acts on the Council's decisions by developing and putting into practice the Council’s policies and resolutions. The role of the Chief Executive Officer is to provide overall strategic direction, leadership and coordination of the organisation. The Chief Executive Officer is also responsible for City management issues, policy information and Elected Member or Commissioner liaison.

There are five directorates which carry out the work of the Council, each led by a director:

  • Chief Executive Officer — Murray Jorgensen
  • Acting Director Planning and Development — Robert Farley
  • Acting Director Corporate Services — Mark Ridgwell
  • Acting Director Community and Commercial Services — Emma Landers
  • Acting Director Construction and Maintenance — Nathan Ahern
  • Acting Director Economic Development and Activation — Daniel High