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Perth Public Art Foundation

Civilisations through the ages have expressed themselves through art. From the wall paintings of early mankind, including the rock art of Australia’s indigenous people to the “modern” art of today, all tell us something about the people who created them and the societies they lived in.

Through art we can shape our society as well as leave a legacy by which future generations can gain an understanding of life today. Public art is a wonderful means to assist this and at the same time make the city a beautiful and interesting place to be.

The City of Perth Art Foundation has been created to assist this and to provide individuals, business and community groups with an opportunity to contribute to it. I urge you to support the Foundation and I am sure you will find it a rewarding experience.

The City of Perth Art Foundation Inc is an incorporated body established by the City of Perth to:

  • Stimulate and facilitate the growth of public art within the City of Perth.
  • Foster the community and social value of art.
  • Increase the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of all forms of art.
  • Encourage the highest standard of artistic practice across all art forms.

The management board of the Foundation includes elected members and officers of the City as well as representatives from the State Government, the art community and the corporate sector.

The Foundation has been included in the Register of Cultural Organisations of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts to receive tax deductible donations. It is intended that its major strategy will be to seek donations for specific proposed public art works, and to create a general fund to support public art projects at the discretion of the management board of the Foundation.

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