This page enables you to get the latest information on tenders currently being advertised, tenders received and those tenders which have been awarded.

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Welcome to City of Perth Tenders and Expression of Interest.

The City of Perth aims to provide quality services to our community and stakeholders that represent the best value for money.  To ensure fairness and transparency, the City has policies and processes for managing purchasing and tenders that meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995 and the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996.

Other relevant documents that suppliers must be aware of and comply with are:

About our Tender and EOI Service

The City of Perth utilises as an e-procurement service to streamline the tendering, expression of interest and formal quotation processes with the ability for prospective suppliers to download documentation direct from this site after registration.

Enquiries or issues with registration may be referred directly to Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800 233 533 or

Electronic Tendering

From July 2016, City of Perth suppliers will be able to submit their responses to Tenders, Expressions of Interest and Formal Quotations to a secure Electronic Tender Box (ETB) via the TenderLink website.

Please refer to the Guidelines on making a submission to an electronic tender box

If you are already registered with TenderLink you do not have to do anything.  You will continue to receive notifications according to your profile.

If you need to register please follow the Guidelines for using the City of Perth electronic portal for Tenders & Quotations.  Registration is free.


Tenders/EOI received and awarded/accepted

CLOSED TENDERS - August 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - July 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - June 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - May 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - April 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - March 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - February 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - January 2018.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - December 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - November 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - October 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - September 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - June 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - July 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - August 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - September 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - October 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - November 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - December 2016.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - January 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - February 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - March 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - April 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - May 2017.pdf
CLOSED TENDERS - June 2017.pdf

CLOSED TENDERS - July 2017.pdf

CLOSED TENDERS - August 2017

AWARDED TENDERS - August 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - July 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - June 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - May 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - April 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - March 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - February 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - January 2018.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - December 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - November 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - October 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - September 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - June 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - July 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - August 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - September 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - October 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - November 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - December 2016.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - January 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - February 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - March 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - April 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - May 2017.pdf
AWARDED TENDERS - June 2017.pdf

AWARDED TENDERS - July 2017.pdf




Any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the City of Perth Contracts Team at the City on (08) 9461 3247.