Planning registers and lists

Planning registers and lists are maintained to record land use and development information for specific properties. There are a number of planning registers and lists currently applicable within the City of Perth.

Note - Crawley, Nedlands and Subiaco

  • Areas of Crawley, Nedlands and Subiaco were amalgamated into the City of Perth on 1 July 2016.
  • Any properties that were registered on the Heritage List at this point are now considered to be heritage properties under the City of Perth.
  • Any properties registered on the 'Non-conforming Uses' or 'Transferred Plot Ratio' Registers are now considered to be adopted by the City of Perth.
  • Archived Registers from the City of Subiaco and City of Nedlands as at 1 July 2016 can be reference below.

Heritage lists

Heritage lists contain properties protected for their cultural heritage significance. Places listed on a local government heritage list require special planning approval for demolition, additions and other works.

The State Heritage Office also maintains a State Heritage Register for places of statewide significance that represent the story of Perth's growth and development.

Register 1: Non-conforming uses

This register records recognised non-conforming uses under clauses 20 and 21 of the City Planning Scheme No. 2. Non-conforming uses are those uses which were previously allowed but are now prohibited under the planning scheme. These uses are permitted to continue in their current form.

Register 2: Transferred plot ratio

This register contains details of places that have been approved as donor sites and includes the transferable plot ratio available, details of the recipient sites that receive plot ratio with the amount transferred and the remaining transferable plot ratio on the donor site.