Vision and strategy


Vibrant, connected, progressive; a friendly and beautiful place to be. This is the vision for City of Perth.

While Perth has a rich history as an older civilisation, as a city it is young in comparison to other cities throughout the world. The feedback from the city’s citizens indicated they want Perth to be a city that is a great place for people to live, work and visit. Citizens want it to be a beautiful connected city that provides vibrant, diverse and friendly experiences.

Perth should not only be a city that is bold and progressive in its way of life but should also have a sense of distinctiveness that people can confidently promote – a community that knows itself and one that delivers a unique experience.

Strategic Community Plan

The City of Perth is working towards becoming a leader in open government by actively listening and collaborating with its citizens, community and stakeholders in the development of the Strategic Community Plan.

In 2013, the City of Perth undertook extensive consultation to develop the City’s first Strategic Community Plan. The Strategic Community Plan now provides the blueprint for the City to achieve what the community most values in its operations. After three years of the plan being in place, the City undertook early in 2017 to have another meaningful dialogue with the community and stakeholders about the vision for the City. Once again, the City has captured the community’s aspirations in the Strategic Community Plan, ensuring the community’s vision remains the priority as we build and enhance our capital city.

Perth has transformed at an exceptionally rapid pace in recent years. We have seen the development of new public spaces, revitalisation of parks and laneways, increased activation through artworks and family friendly events, and world class food and beverage scene continuing to offer delightful new experiences.

The City of Perth Act, which commenced 1 July 2016, formally acknowledges the special social, economic, cultural, environmental and civic role that the City of Perth plays as the capital city of Western Australia. It also recognises the important role that the City of Perth plays in representing the broader Perth area and the state of Western Australia on both a national and international level. The City of Perth Act means that this Strategic Community Plan must similarly broaden the scope of the City’s focus to represent the state as a whole, and broadens the scope of the City’s stakeholders to include the state, nation and the world.

With this Strategic Community Plan, the City can turn its focus to the future. Considering the transformation that has occurred in the three years since the first plan, the City’s cultural heritage, international profile and story as a capital city will continue to evolve.