Building Approval Certificate (BA13 and BA15)


Key Details

What you need

A Building Approval Certificate application must be accompanied by:

  • A Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18) signed by a building surveyor.
  • Copies of all plans and specifications specified on the Certificate of Building Compliance.
  • Evidence of the following authorities underwritten laws, as relevant to the building or incidental structure (r.37) 

a) An approval required under the Health Act 1911 section 107 (2)(a) or (b)
b) An approval required under the Planning and Development Act 2005
c) An approval required under the Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007 Part 2 Division 1
d) An approval required under the Local Government (Uniform Local Provisions) Regulations 1996 regulation 12(2).

Eligibility requirements

A person can apply for a Building Approval Certificate if they choose to obtain approval for unauthorised works to any building work associated with a Class 1 or Class 10 building or incidental structure completed without authorisation, or confirm compliance with the applicable building standards for a building with any classification with existing authorisation which previously did not require an approval to occupy.

Need more help?

For further enquiries or to make an appointment with a Planning Officer, please contact the City's Development Approvals Unit on
(08) 9461 3366.