Work Zone application

A work zone established by the City is a privilege that is provided to fundamentally service a construction site for the purpose of loading and unloading of materials. 

Key Details

Service TypePermit
What you needSubmit a Work Zone Application along with a site plan clearly showing the location of the proposed work zone, including the length of the road and quantity of bays affected.
Eligibility requirements

A work zone is not provided for the privileged parking of any individual or for the storage of materials, bins or any other item. Should the City require the work zone space for other works, a written notice to suspend the work zone will be issued to your organisation. Upon completion of the other works, the work zone may be reinstated if required.

FeesSee Fees and Charges.
  • Fees and Charges

    There are two fees payable on approval of the work zone as follows:

    1. A monthly fee of $810 is charged in advance for the usage of the road reserve for each 6 metre length or per car bay, as applicable. The City requires an initial payment for the first  months, thereafter a monthly invoice will be sent.
    2. A once-off establishment cost (includes removal) will be determined after an on-site inspection.

    An invoice for the establishment cost and for the hire of the road reserve/bays will be issued and must be paid before the work zone can be established.

Need more help?

The City can provide guidance on permits and requirements, email or (08) 9461 3366.