Pay a Parking Infringement

Parking infringements can be paid through the online Parking Infringement Payment form.

Please note that infringements are not added to the payments system until the next business day after they have been issued. If you have recently received an infringement and are having difficulties paying online or over the phone, please try again the following business day after 10am.

Key Details

Service TypeInfringement payment
What you needParking infringement details (including your parking infringement number and vehicle registration number) and complete the Parking Infringement Payment form.
  • What other payment methods can I use?

    In person

    Council House: Ground Floor, 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth. Cashier hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm (excluding public holidays). Payments can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Mastercard or Visa only).

    By post

    City of Perth
    GPO Box P1237
    Perth WA 6844

    Cheque or money order payments are to be made payable to the 'City of Perth' and crossed 'Not negotiable'.

    Credit card

    By using our Online Payment Form.

    At an Australia Post Office

    Payment is to be made before the due date on the infringement. You will need your bar coded infringement or reminder noticed to pay the infringement. Late payments cannot be accepted.

  • Why does the City of Perth issue parking infringements?

    Parking spaces in the City of Perth are limited. The City has the responsibility of ensuring all visitors and residents have equal access to parking. To do this, parking areas both on the street and in car parks have been designed to provide for people's varying needs. This includes parking bays for:

    • Short term parking (for example, to drop off a document or pick someone up).
    • Long term use (people who work in the City all day or who want to shop for an extended period).
    • Use by disabled people (those with valid ACROD permits).
    • Use by motorcyclists, bus drivers and taxis.
    • Use by commercial and delivery vehicles supplying local businesses.

    Signs have been erected to advise motorists of the intended use of parking spaces and any restrictions that apply. It is up to drivers to read the signs and comply with their requirements when parking in the city.

    Drivers who park incorrectly or illegally make it difficult for others may receive an infringement, a caution or the matter may be taken directly to the Magistrates Court. Ideally, the City would not like to see anyone park contrary to these restrictions and not have to issue infringements at all.

  • What can I do to avoid receiving a parking infringement?

    As stated, the needs of all drivers wishing to park in the city have been considered. Think about your needs and find a suitable parking space to meet them. You should be able to avoid a parking infringement if you:

    • Park your vehicle in an appropriate place. Why not plan ahead to save some time. The City of Perth website can assist or telephone 1300 889 613.
    • Make sure you take the time to read the parking signs.
    • Make sure there is enough time for you to do what you need to do and return to your vehicle before your parking expires.
    • Ensure you have parked your vehicle within the lines or area permitted.
    • Ensure your valid parking ticket is clearly displayed before leaving your vehicle.
    • Ensure your valid parking permit is clearly displayed before leaving your vehicle.

    If you are unsure whether you are allowed to park in an area or not then don’t. Find somewhere that you know is appropriate for your needs.

  • Taking an infringement matter to court

    The City of Perth requests that customers appeal an infringement directly to the City, prior to taking Court action. 

    Should you wish to proceed and take the matter to Court, please use the online Take the matter to Court form.