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Local law infringements

The City of Perth Infringement Services wish to advise that following a temporary hold period on appeals from 26 March to 14 April 2020 due COVID-19 staffing arrangements, services have now resumed. No additional fees or charges were applied during this hold period.  A response to your appeal will be forwarded to you by mail once a review has been made.

City of Perth provides a number of options for the payment of invoices. If you would like to make payment now, you can use the online payment method. Mastercard, Visa and Amex cards are accepted.

You can view details of your infringement here.

Key Details

What you need

To make an online payment, have your infringement number ready. Please note that infringements are not added to the payments system until the next business day after they have been issued. If you have recently received an infringement and are having difficulties paying online or over the phone, please try again the following business day after 10am.