If you believe you have wrongly received an infringement from the City of Perth, several options are available to have the matter addressed. Please select your alternative option for a parking infringements or local law infringements

Parking Infringement - make an appeal

In certain circumstances the City is prepared to assess an infringement once it has been issued. Together with suitable proof, the following situations will be considered for withdrawal, however this is not guaranteed.

Parking Infringement - nominate another driver

Nominations can only be accepted by the registered owner of the vehicle, or, if the vehicle is registered in a company name, by a representative of that company.

Parking Infringement - take the matter to court

To appeal rather than take the matter to court, please use the Appeal an Infringement Form.

Local law Infringement - make an appeal

You may wish to appeal in infringement that has been issued to you under a Local Law.

Local Law Infringement - nominate another person

You may wish to nominate another person or organisation for a Local Law infringement issued to you.