Report incidents of damage or matters that may affect the safety of individuals.

Report a fault or issue

Please use this online form to report an incident or issue that may affect the safety of  individuals.

Examples include:

  • damaged sprinklers
  • damaged City of Perth property e.g. seating, playground equipment
  • faulty street lighting
  • broken or damaged footpaths


Graffiti Report and Removal

The City of Perth carries out the reporting and removal of graffiti from Council and private properties within the City. Graffiti is removed from private properties where it is visible from the street, in line with Council policy and procedures.

Reporting Graffiti in the city, or anywhere in the state, is easy.  If you see graffiti you can report it 24 hours a day on the Goodbye Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55 or online at

If you see anyone tagging walls or committing any act of graffiti vandalism, report it to the Police when you see it.  Phone  131 444.

If you see this happening in the CBD or Northbridge, call CityWatch and ask the Surveillance Officers to see if they can capture it on CCTV.  Call 9461 6611

To learn more about Graffiti Prevention, Clean up and Graffiti programs visit