The City of Perth Art Collection represents professional and commissioned artists connected with and themes relevant to the City of Perth.

The Collection

Spanning a range of media, the Collection's works are of local, state and national significance, articulating conceptual, social, cultural and historical narratives.

Works from the Collection are regularly on display throughout Council House and feature in curated exhibitions in Perth Town Hall and Council House foyer.

Curatorial staff ensure the collection is of high quality and is displayed and managed to an industry standard in order to protect this valuable cultural asset.

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Featured artworks

Eva Fernandez flora obscura 2Eva Fernandez flora obscura 3Eva Fernandez flora obscura 4Eva Fernandez flora obscura 5Eva Fernandez flora obscura 6

Eva Fernandez
flora obscura (2013)
archival inkjet print on fine art paper
56cm x 56cm
City of Perth Art Collection

The series flora obscura was created as part of a residency undertaken by Fernandez at the Midland Railway Workshops and examines the human relationship to the native flora of the site.

The images in the flora obscura series have been created to appear as stylised references to early round Kodak camera photography (introduced commercially in 1889). They pay homage to the flora that existed in spaces that were cleared by early settlement, making way for progress and infrastructure. These photographic botanical studies not only express the aesthetic beauty of our native flora but also recount the history of the early settlement areas, inclusive of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous narratives. The series serves as a memento of the evolution of nature as an environment changed by progress.

Eva Fernandez works across digital based media, video and installation. Her practice is essentially concerned with the exploration and negotiation of the space which she inhabits in context to its complex histories and the cultural legacy of colonialism and imperialism.


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