The City of Perth Memorabilia Collection holds items of significance that reflect the history of the Perth City Council, the history (commercial and social) of Perth city and the people that contributed to the life of the city.

Significant items in the Memorabilia Collection include:
•    Pages from the original Roll of names of Convicts who built the Perth Town Hall c. 1876 
•    A chair that belonged to the Mechanics Institute 1851
•    Illuminated manuscripts that relate to Perth being granted City status
•    Mayoral Chains 1880
•    The original architects Plans, Furniture and Model of Council House 1962
•    Parking Department Archives - a set of social history documents and items that record the history of the ‘grey ghosts’ and Parking
•    Tools used to build the Peter Pan Sculpture in Queens Gardens 1929
•    Books recording the Lodging Houses and Cafes in Perth and Northbridge in the 1950s-1970s
•    Satsuma pottery linked to our Sister City relationship with Kagoshima
•    Visitors Reception Books, for example the book 1940 – 1982 includes the signatures of Bessie Rischbieth, John Curtin and other noted visitors during WWll years
•    Commonwealth Games Memorabilia relating to the City of Perth’s role in facilitating the 7th British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1962
•    A tray given to a retiring Councillor
•    A bible given to a new citizen at a naturalisation ceremony in 1958
•    An original poster by the Save Council House Committee from their campaign to raise public debate and support to save Council House from demolition 1994/5
•    Seal Presses used by Council to seal official documents since 1925
•    WAY ’79 souvenirs
•    A dinner plate from the Carlton Hotel c. 1930


We are grateful for donations of objects and material that have a connection to the City of Perth, councillors or staff, or that reflect a special aspect of the commercial businesses or social life of Perth. We always acknowledge the people who have kindly donated objects in our exhibitions and publications. 

If you would like to donate an object, photograph or something of interest please contact the City on 9461 3333 or the City of Perth History Centre at .