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by Mel McVee

Succeed in Absence

Image: Jacqueline Warwick                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Artist: Mel McVee

Location: Errichetti Place, Northbridge

In February 2017 the City of Perth commissioned local artist Mel McVee to create a new mural on a large wall behind The Game Sports bar, facing onto Errichetti Place in Northbridge.

The City’s Waste and Cleansing unit initiated the project after noticing the wall and bins lining the street were being repeatedly hit by graffiti.  The City called for expressions of interest from artists to create a work that would help prevent graffiti and explore the themes of waste management, environment and sustainability.

Mel McVee has a cartographic background of creating maps for the environment industry.  Her concept for this work is centred on the idea of a layered history of social, architectural and environmental factors that have shaped the current day Northbridge.

Much of the design is based on images sourced from the State Library of WA, including children collecting items to be recycled and reused for the war effort.  Also incorporated are images of Perth’s rubbish trucks throughout the ages, lost architecture and local flora and fauna.