Booking a location in Murray or Hay Street Mall

Events and activations within Murray and Hay Street requiring approval include:

  • Events and Community Activities
  • Sampling
  • Roving
  • Raffles &
  • Spruiking (available in malls only)

Murray Street Mall Locations
Murray Street Mall is the larger of the two pedestrian malls and is high in pedestrian traffic flow. This mall is a perfect location for performers, smaller exhibitions, celebrity/guest appearances, media launches, displays and competitions. Murray Street
There are four separate event sites in Murray Street Mall.

  • West-end Event site
    The West-end site is located approx. 60m from the entry to Murray St Mall from William St. It’s close to the Perth Underground station. The site is 6m x 3m with a power facilities available.
  • Commbank Event site
    The Commbank event site is located directly outside the Commonwealth Bank’s Foreign Exchange entrance, to the west of Murray St Mall. This event site accommodates 6m x 3m. Limited power is available.
  • Kiosk Event site
    Located at the entrance of Forrest Place at the end of the Bocelli’s Café alfresco area, the kiosk event site allows a maximum space occupied of 6m x 6m. 
    Limited power is available.
  • Lift Tower Event site
    The lift tower event site is the only event site that is positioned hard against a wall; the back of the Lift Tower that goes to Padbury Walkway and Forrest Place Loading Dock. The site is 6m x 3m. Power facilities are not available at the Lift Tower event site.

Hay Street Mall
Hay Street Mall hosts a wide range of specialty stores with several arcades that run off either Murray street mall or the Hay street mall and link the city from St George's Terrace to Wellington Street. This mall is a perfect location for small activations, raffles and spruiking. Hay Street

Spaces in Hay St Mall are 6m x 3m or 3m x 3m with no power facilities available.

For further details, please contact Health & Activities Approval team on (08) 9461 1444 or