Flyer Distribution

If you are intending on handing out flyers or printed material within the City of Perth, you will be required to submit an Event Application.  Please be aware of the following:

  • If flyers / printed materials are found on the ground it will be classified as littering and the organisation / person distributing may be infringed under the Litter Act.
  • A certificate of currency for public liability insurance must be provided to the city, current at the date of application, as well as each day the distribution takes place.
  • Pedestrian access / egress and access to stores or laneways cannot be blocked at any time during the distribution.
  • All stock must be carried on the person.
  • Staff / volunteers must be continuously roving and must not stop / stand in any one location.
  • Staff / volunteer number must be limited so as not to create a nuisance.
  • No signage, tables, chairs or stock are permitted to be installed.  If this is a requirement, the applicant must hire an event site.
  • If the distribution is associated with an event / display, the person must get approval to hire an event site and obtain an event permit (link to application).
  • If flyer distribution has any other component; an event permit (link to application) must be sought.  This includes, but is not limited to:- Mascot, Signage or Sampling

Please note:
If you are seeking to distribute material on or within private property, you will be required to obtain the consent of the appropriate owner.

Anyone found to be distributing material without a valid permit may receive an infringement and be asked to move.

For further details, please contact Health & Activities Approval team on (08) 9461 1444 or