Frequently Asked Questions

Event advertising posters on street poles etc.
All event advertising needs to be approved by the City of Perth, unless posted on Private Property, with owner’s permission. When applying for your event please outline any specific advertising requirements.  

Can I use “City of Perth” in advertising my event?
Unless approval has been sought from the City and you have been provided with correct logo, you cannot use City of Perth collateral in any of your marketing material.

Advertising on City of Perth Website and Social Media
No guarantee can be made that the City will publish any advertising material, however, if you wish to send details and event advertising to the City’s Media Team may publish your request.

Event Details
Please click here to view City Monitored event and works.

All street entertainers whether individuals or part of a group, must be licensed. Licenses are available from the Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, City of Perth, 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth. Enquiries regarding street entertainment and busking are welcome on 9461 3333.

Chalk and decals on pavement
Chalk stencilling is prohibited on any City property.  The City may consider pavement decals. Please email for more information and guidelines.

Drones are not permitted to fly over events.  For more information please email for more information.

Food Trucks
Any food trucks operating in the City of Perth require a Special Events Permit. Please refer here for Special Events Permit Application. If you are looking to join the Mobile Food Truck Program please click here for more information.

Elizabeth Quay and the Perth Cultural Centre availability + Bookings
Elizabeth Quay and the Cultural Centre is under the care and control of Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.  Please contact for the hire of Elizabeth Quay or refer to the MRA website for organising an event at the Cultural Centre. Please note an event permit may still be required from the City.

Event Bin Calculator
To access the calculator, click here

Kings Park
If you are looking to hold an event in Kings Park, please refer to

Matilda Bay
Matilda Bay is under the care and control of the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW).  Please refer to the DPAW website for hire and contact information 

Any event that requires the use of on street parking bays will incur a fee. Please advise in your event application form the bays you wish to use.

Do I need to apply for permits as well as an event application? 
No, an event application covers all permits required for your event, excluding any permits issued by external parties i.e. WAPOL or Racing Gaming and Liquor.

The City can provide access to power, at cost, for majority of event sites, however some have limited to no power available.  Small events, not requiring a Form 5 Electrical Compliance, will be required to submit an Electrical Breakdown Form outlining power requirements and City officers will determine suitability. Any event that requires more than 2400watts power drawn will require a licensed electrician to sign off on a Form 5 Electrical Compliance.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, all events require a minimum of 10 million public liability cover to hold an event within the City of Perth.

Private events, at the discretion of the City may be exempt.
If you intend to products please ensure you have Product Liability Insurance. All insurance policies must be valid at the time of application through to the conclusion of your event.

Road closure map/details
Please click here to see upcoming road closures.

Roving is any activity that is not situated at a designated event site. A roving activity requires approval from the City of Perth if the activity includes components over and above flyer distribution and/or the activity is to take place in an area that could obstruct pedestrian traffic flow. There is no fee for roving activities. 

Sampling can only be conducted within the Malls Precinct.  Please complete and event application form if you wish to provide free samples to patrons.  

Sponsorship/ Grants
The City of Perth recognises the importance of events in contributing to the vitality of the City, the activation of spaces, the sense of community and wellbeing, and increased economic benefit.  If you wish to seek sponsorship or grants please contact the Sponsorship team on 08 9461 3333 or

Spruiking is defined as “to speak in public, especially as a showman” or to “promote by speaking in public”.  Spruiking gives retailers based in the Murray and Hay Street Mall an opportunity to speak about their products and sales at a designated location and time. There is no fee for spruiking however please email to advise when you wish to spruik.

Street Collections
If you are seeking approval to conduct a street collection you will be required to obtain a permit from the Department of Commerce, please click here to find out more.  You will need to submit a copy of your permit to to conduct your street collection.

Please visit here for public toilet availability within City parks and gardens.

What Traffic Management Company should I use?
The City must maintain an unbiased approach to businesses, therefore cannot refer traffic management companies or businesses for services within the City.  

Water points are available at specific event sites.  Please email with your preferred location and water requirements and an officer will determine suitability.