Holding a Street Based Event 

The City recognises the need of groups to hold public meetings, rallies and marches (assemblies) on property owned or under the control of the City of Perth.  

Where a group of more than three persons assemble with the intent of holding public meetings, rallies or marches, the organiser will be required to submit an application to the City to carry out such activities.  

Along with City support, you will need to seek West Australia Police approval in accordance with Section 7 of the Public Order in Streets Act 1984. The Public Meeting and /or Procession Form can be downloaded here and selecting Public Meeting and or Procession Form under Traffic Forms.  This document will need to be lodged with the local police station.

For further details, please contact Health & Activities Approval team on (08) 9461 1444 or info.city@cityofperth.wa.gov.au