The following information is a guide for external organisations proposing to hold an event or activity within City of Perth council reserves or streets. The use of these areas is managed and subject to approval by the City of Perth*. Booking a City Park, Garden or Reserve for a Wedding Ceremony is managed separately. Please see the end of this page for details.

Events that need approval are events that require use of a council reserve or street within the City of Perth, such as:

  • marches
  • parades
  • rallies or assemblies
  • activities obstructing the road, footpath or verge (including road excavations and camera shoots)
  • major and significant events

The Approval Process

1. Submit Application

  • Events on Reserves require completion of an   (fees are also applicable). Events held on City streets require a written application to be submitted detailing: dates and times; the type and purpose of the event; equipment to be used; proposed number of people in attendance; proposed streets and route.
  • Events that will create a road, footpath or verge obstruction require completion of a "Road/Footpath Obstruction" form, available in this section.

2. Your application will be assessed by Technical Officers from the Approval Services Unit and may be submitted to Council if necessary.

3. Emergency management plans may be required. Plans can be quite extensive for large events and staff are available to assist in formulation. Please note some events may require road closures and these must be advertised within the local newspaper. All costs associated with road closures and advertising are to be met by the applicant. 
4. If your application is approved, a copy of conditions of approval will be forwarded along with notification of any additional payable fees. Approval of events will be granted once you have returned the copy of conditions with your confirmation of acceptance and all fees have been paid. Road/Footpath obstruction permits are usually faxed back to applicant after assessment by the technical officer.

Approval Time Frame

If your event is to be held on a reserve or city park, it is advisable to secure a booking of your preferred location at the earliest opportunity. 

Applications for events should be submitted a minimum of two months prior to the event. Major events require extensive planning and consultation . They may take up to a year to finalise. Applications should allow time for submission to Council (if required) as well as the advertising and arrangement of road closures.

Smaller events on reserves or events which involve only minor disruption to traffic flow and minimal road closures may be submitted up to one month prior to the event. Road/Footpath obstruction permints not requiring a road closure are usually approved within 48 hrs. Permits requring road closures are usually approved within 10 days.

For further information about Event Applications contact us.

Wedding Ceremonies in Parks 

Within the city boundaries there are 16 major parkland areas and many smaller parks, road reserves and car parks covering a total of 140 hectares in area. The Swan River foreshore parklands form a 10 kilometre natural boundary for the City. Click here for general information about City of Perth parks and gardens.

Some of these areas are able to be booked for wedding ceremonies and photography, including:

  • Harold Boas Gardens
  • Queens Gardens, and
  • Mardalup Park

Booking Enquiries

Booking enquiries for parks and gardens can be made: