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Reconciliation Action Plan

The City of Perth is focused on the journey towards reconciliation after launching its first Reconciliation Action Plan) in May 2018.

Access & Inclusion Advisory Group

The City of Perth Access & Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) consists of residents and regular visitors to the City of Perth who are passionate about un

Homeless Services in the Inner City

Homelessness is a complex social issue, evident throughout Western Australia including the City of Perth.

View information about how the City of Perth has been progressing energy and greenhouse reduction projects.

Environment and Sustainability Community Groups and Organisations

We recognise the importance of positive partnerships and working relationships with a range of organisations and groups

The Ecohub website is a City of Perth environment initiative. Visit to find out more about living, working and playing more sustainably in the city!

Holly Wood Tuesday Morning Show

This weekly event is a community development project initiated and presented by the City of Perth.

Homeless Connect Perth

The annual Homeless Connect event brings together community groups, businesses and the three tiers of Government to assist those less fortunate.

Australian Bereavement Register

This free service helps stop unwanted direct mail being sent to deceased persons, reducing distress caused to surviving family and friends..

The iCity Volunteer assists visitors to the city with directions or information to make their ‘city experience’ interesting, easier and memorable.

Community Enhancement Grants

The City of Perth recognises that community programs build strong and resilient communities.

Homeless Sector Review

The City of Perth conducted a review of the homeless sector operating within the City of Perth and extending to the inner city