The City of Perth Access & Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) consists of residents and regular visitors to the City of Perth who are passionate about universal access. The group acts as an advisory body on City of Perth universal access initiatives and issues affecting access and inclusion for people with disability.

City of Perth Access & Inclusion Advisory GroupThe group has been providing advice to the City on various plans and strategies since 1998, including the City of Perth Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Perth Parking Policy and the Community Safety Plan. In addition, the group has been responsible for providing City of Perth staff and private developers’ access advice in relation to inner city projects, particularly at the planning and design stage for new developments.

Whilst the group is only advisory in nature, its value is in informing the design process which will ultimately lead to better development outcomes for the whole community.

Participation in the AIAG is voluntary, and the group is currently at capacity with 15 active members.

Community members can stay up to date with recent meetings by clicking on the links below to view the minutes and agendas. Alternatively, to register your interest in joining the group, or send through an item to be considered on the groups agenda, please contact Jen Walsh, Community Development Officer on 9461 3858 or


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Access and Inclusion Advisory Group

The City of Perth’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Group (AIAG) plays an integral role in contributing to the development of strategies and acts as an advisory body on City of Perth access initiatives and issues that continue to improve accessibility and inclusiveness in the community. The group also promotes wellbeing and a sense of belonging for people with disability. The group has been providing advice to the City on various plans and strategies since 1998 including the City of Perth Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Perth Parking Policy and the Community Safety Plan.

The group comprises of residents, visitors and professionals to the City of Perth who have a disability, care for someone with a disability or are passionate about Universal Access. 

Meet the AIAG

Peter Hall


Peter is a young man living with Cerebral Palsy. Peter is passionate about access and inclusion for people with disability. Peter is also an advocate for access and inclusion on a number of different boards including Perth Children’s Hospital, Department of Health and the Scout Association. Peter is particularly passionate about architecture and community development for access and inclusion for all people.

Ben Cox


Ben is 29 -years old, from Perth, and has an intellectual disability. Ben is a confident young man who actively advocates for disability rights and inclusion within the community. Ben’s dream is to have a paid job in communications and event management. Ben’s passion for event planning led him to establish an event called Ability Idol – a singing competition for people living with disability. Ben works as a part time Community Engagement Officer for Cahoots and casually for National Disability Services in a variety of roles. He is a presenter for projectABLE, a project that provides free interactive disability awareness and career workshops for students in years 10, 11 and 12 across Australia. He also works on various NDS events, both behind the scenes in consultation, but also in the limelight as MC. Ben is a keen sports fan! He loves to spend his weekends attending live sporting events, as a passionate member of several local sporting organisations such as the West Coast Eagles, Wildcats and the Western Force.

Penny Rogers


Penny is a community member of the committee. She has a vision and hearing impairment and uses a guide dog for ‘getting around’ wherever she needs to go, including the City of Perth. She is a member of VisAbility, Blind Citizens WA (and Australia), Vision Australia and a committee member of DeafBlind West Australians. Her ‘vision’ for the City of Perth is that it be the most accessible and inclusive city in Australia in all aspects of living, working and visiting. She believes people with disability should not need to think about whether the city is accessible, but visit the city because they know accessibility won’t be an issue.

Pam Barras


Pam is living with a vision impairment having less than 10% vision. Pam has a Seeing Eye Dog called Whisper. Whisper assists Pam with navigating around the City. Pam has been an advocate for access and inclusion for several years and previously sat on the AIAG before it reconvened in April 2017. Pam is a member of the Access and Inclusion panel for the New Museum and works at DADAA as a consultant for their Access to Arts Program.

Grace Mills


Grace is a young lady who had a health related event a few years ago which affected her vision; as a result Grace is now legally blind. The change has enabled Grace to appreciate the effects of a disability and the adjustments people make in their lives to participate in activities. Grace has developed a passion for inclusion and welcomes the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives through being an advocate and offering consultation.  Grace is involved with a number of committees including Diverse Leadership Inc. WA, Telethon Kids Institute Youth Advisory Group and the Department of Health’s Youth Health Policy Working Group.

Deanne Ferris

Deanne works in the City of Perth with the WA Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies. Deanne has volunteered for over 10 years for Blind Citizens WA Inc. Deanne is enthusiastic to ensure that people with disability are considered when making decisions about new development and events. Deanne is a player and member with the WA Blind Cricket Club and is a member of the WA Tandem Cycling Advisory Council.

Melissa Northcott


Melissa has physical and sensory disability. She is passionate and keen to have a voice for all and about representing the whole community including older people and disability to ensure that Perth is an accessible, inclusive city for all who live, work and visit the City. Melissa is an ambassador for the State Government’s Count Me In strategy, board member with Disability Services and Ability Centre and advocates on a number of other committees. Melissa was recognised for her work with disability as a Western Australian of the Year Finalist 2017.

Nobuo Hara


Nobuo is a young man who is Deaf. Nobuo moved to Australia from Japan over 7 years ago and now works for the WA Deaf Society. Having experience of living with a disability he is interested in sharing ideas that ensures that the City of Perth is accessible and equitable to everyone. Nobuo is a volunteer for the Auslan Professional Network and also advocates via the Perth Stadium and New Museum access groups.

David Vosnacos


David works for VisAbility, an organisation that works to enable people with vision impairment. David has experience working as an Access Consultant and an Occupational Therapist. David is passionate about identifying the impacts of barriers in the physical and digital environment for people with disability and working to eliminate these issues. David is also a member of several Access and Inclusion working groups around WA including National Disability Services, Public Transport Authority, Perth Airport and City of Melville.

Louise Johnstone


Louise has experience working in the aged and disability sector for over twenty years and is currently working as an Occupational Therapist. Louise has worked with people with disability including physical, cognitive and sensory disability. She is passionate about access and inclusion for all. Louise believes the City of Perth is a young and vibrant city with endless potential and wants to work towards making the City of Perth the leader in this space. Louise is also a member of the Lead Ability Community of Practice Group, this group is for people with a disability and professionals working in the sector.

Kim Knott


Kim is a resident of the City of Perth and is the Board Director for WA Sky Blue. WA Sky Blue is a community organisation supporting people with disability. Kim believes that every person should have the opportunity and support to live independently, contribute to and participate fully in society and live a life of choice.

Cate Leedman


Cate is a young woman who has a strong interest in civil and human rights and equality. She joined the AIAG to make a difference. Cate has legal experience and would like to advocate for people with disability within the City of Perth. Cate believes that inclusivity and a sense of belonging are vital to human connection.  Cate is a member of The Fundraising Institute of Australia and the Woman’s Lawyers of WA.

Lynley Hill


Lynley is a full time carer for her daughter who is living with disability. She is very passionate about having a voice for her daughter and for other people living with disability. Lynley is keen to explore how we can change society and present an opportunity for every person to live their own life. Lynley is a fantastic advocate and sits on the Parent Council at her local primary school and is part of Carers WA, Kalparrin (PMH) and Communified.

Melanie Chatfield


Melanie resides within the City of Perth and has vision impairment. Melanie has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) which is a degenerative condition that causes tunnel vision and night blindness. Melanie also has professional experience in the sector having previously worked for the Disability Services Commission, Recreation Victoria and is currently a Director on the board of Retina Australia. Melanie currently works as an Alcohol and Drug Advisor at WA Primary Health Alliance and volunteers for the United Nations Association of WA.

George Smith


George is living with a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. He is extremely passionate and dedicated to working with children with disability. George is actively involved with Disabled Surfers Association of Australia (DSA) and has been a Sponsor Representative for DSA for over 10 years.

Glennys Marsdon


Glennys is delighted to be part of the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group. Glennys is an immensely proud City of Perth resident, with a passion for helping people (particularly people with disability and older people) get out and about to make the most of their lives. Glennys has lived with a disability for over 20 years and moved to East Perth three years ago where she also runs a business. Glennys has experience in  past and present advisory positions on the Consumer Protection Advisory Council, the Carers Advisory Council and the Board of MSWA. Glennys has professional experience in the areas of consumer psychology, marketing and freelance writing. Glennys navigates around the city using her adult tricycle which has given her the freedom to explore and gain a greater appreciation for all that is available.

Mark Blowers

AIAG working group Mark Blowers

I wanted to join the City of Perth’s Access and Inclusion Advisory group because I care about that people living with disability in our wonderful City. People living with disability deserve to have a voice and as I am living with a  disability myself, I have firsthand experience about access and inclusion concerns around the City