Homelessness is a significant social issue within the City of Perth and the wider community. The City of Perth conducted a review of the homeless sector operating within the City of Perth and extending to the inner-city suburbs, to better understand the occurrence of and factors contributing to homelessness, specific services supporting homeless people and the systemic issues within the sector.

The information and data used in the Homeless Sector Review was collected through research, key stakeholder engagement, internal business consultation and analysis of relevant literature. Through this process it has been identified that the City of Perth has a considerable scope of work to undertake to establish a strong position within the homeless sector. This review is a significant start to creating a higher level of understanding of homelessness and provides direction to developing effective partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders. Through these partnerships the City can identify opportunities to inform and develop long term strategies for ending homelessness.

Local governments are not experts in the delivery of specialist homeless services and this sector has a wealth of knowledge and expertise among existing service providers operating in the space. The City of Perth however has an opportunity to influence the sector through facilitating collaboration across the community, connecting different tiers of the sector for greater outcomes, advocating for systemic change, educating the community about the holistic picture of homelessness and supporting affordable housing within the City of Perth.

Council and The City’s Executive Leadership Group have endorsed the Homeless Sector Review including the 12 recommendations and committed resourcing required to progress them.

Work is currently being undertaken on the following projects:

  • Establishing a Mobile Free Food Distribution and Outreach Service Framework
  • Committing support to research into crisis and transitional accommodation
  • Undertaking a review of the Perth Homeless Connect Event
  • Developing partnerships with local government authorities toward addressing homelessness
  • Developing strong connections with homeless sector service providers; and
  • Community education initiatives about homelessness

The City acknowledges that the Homeless Sector Review provides a start to understanding homelessness and support services available within the City of Perth any additional evidence based information and data that could be included would be gladly received.

Questions relating to the Homeless Sector Review should be directed to Community Services on 9461 3333.