Homelessness is a complex social issue, evident throughout Western Australia including the City of Perth. 

West Australians who are at risk of, or are experiencing homelessness, are some of the most vulnerable in the community and require support from a range of flexible and responsive services to end their homelessness journey.

The City of Perth, as the local authority, has a responsibility to local residents, business owners and visitors to the City. The City has been developing a comprehensive understanding of homelessness and available support services within the City of Perth through mapping service provider locations and services.

Identified service providers have been included in a resource called Homeless Services in the Inner City Brochure. The brochure is intended to assist people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness to ensure they are treated respectfully and appropriately, and are able to request and receive the services they require.

The Homeless Services in the Inner City brochure details information and locations for the following services within the Inner City;

  • Legal Aid;
  • Advocacy;
  • Donations;
  • Recreation;
  • Counselling;
  • Employment;
  • Crisis Assistance;
  • Case Management;
  • Aboriginal Services;
  • Service Open Hours;
  • Laundry/Shower facilities;
  • Phone Charging locations;
  • Support Contact Numbers;
  • Accommodation Assistance;
  • Drug and Alcohol Assistance;
  • Emergency Contact Numbers;
  • Medical and Health Assistance;
  • Outreach and Referral Pathways;
  • Documentation/Identification Support; and
  • Free Food Assistance and Low Cost Meals;

Through support of the Department of Communities, Child Protection and Family Support, the Homeless Services in the Inner City Brochure can be ordered by completing the Homeless Services in the Inner City Brochure Order Form and returning to info@cityofperth.wa.gov.au  

If you would like to add your organisations services and contact details to the Homeless Services in the Inner City brochure, please contact Community Services at info@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

To view Homeless Connect, please click here.