The threat of a disaster affecting the City of Perth is ever present as is the need to be prepared for natural and man-made events, response and recovery. In 2017 the City of Perth has undertaken a review of its Emergency Management Arrangements to ensure that plans are fully inclusive of all areas within the city’s new boundaries.  This has resulted in the development of the Emergency Management Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021 which is the overarching document for all other Emergency Management plans and arrangements for the City of Perth.

The supporting plans and arrangements that have or are being developed, demonstrate the City of Perth’s commitment to its community of residents, businesses and visitors and the statutory requirements under the Emergency Management Act 2005.

More details can be found in the (2) General Plan 2017 and (3) Recovery Plan 2017.  The (4) Local Welfare Plan 2017 is a restricted document and only available to emergency organisations.   

The development and ongoing review of the Emergency Management arrangements, training and education of key agencies and the community is dependent on the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) working together. The regular meetings and collaboration that occur between the LEMC members clearly illustrates that responding to hazards and emergency events, and minimising harm is everyone’s responsibility.