The City of Perth CCTV Surveillance System was first installed in July 1991 to create a safer environment for businesses, members of the public and visitors to our city. There are currently over 300 cameras in the system which is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The CCTV System operates under strict guidelines of the Code of Practice, containing a confidentially clause which is adhered to by all Surveillance Officers operating the system.

Request for CCTV Footage

CCTV Safe City

Terms and Conditions:
To request a search for CCTV footage please complete the form below.
Once the form is completed and payment received the request will be forwarded to an operator to action. The request will be actioned within 7 working days after the form was submitted.
A fee of $175.00 will apply for the search of footage. If footage has been located it will be downloaded to disc and you will be advised by email of the date/time and location for collection of the footage.
If no footage is located there will be no reimbursement of the search fee.
“The applicant acknowledges that a camera being in a particular area is not a guarantee of the desired footage being obtained. The applicant acknowledges that despite a camera being in a desired area, it may be facing alternative directions or, may have been monitoring another incident occurring in that vicinity”.

Code of Practise for releasing of footage:
By requesting a copy of the surveillance records from the City of Perth, it is acknowledged you accept full responsibility for this working copy whilst it is in your possession. You agree that you or any other persons are not at liberty to make, release or distribute copies of the footage, unless authorised or required by law. This surveillance record is not to be released to the media under any circumstances unless authorised by the C.E.O of the City of Perth. All footage has a reference number which is recorded against the applicant. Legal action may be taken if footage is released without authorisation.

Footage will only be released to:

  • Lawyers / Solicitors - for the purpose of legal defence of their client
  • Members of the public – defending themselves in court. Will be required to supply the following documentation,

1. All paperwork relating to the charge
2. Sign Statuary Declaration stating you will be defending yourself in court
3. Proof of ID with current photo

Other interested parties as authorised by the Manager Community Amenity and Safety

Surveillance staff will not provide feedback prior to the completion of the request form and payment has been received
The fee of $175.00 will be charged regardless of the outcome of any search.

Click here for the map of CCTV camera locations

Click here for search request form