This section provides information that the City of Perth believes will help ensure that all residents continue to enjoy the inner city living experience.

In this section:

FAQs for Transitioning Residents

View FAQ's for City of Subiaco and Nedlands residents that are transitioning to the City of Perth

A-Z for Transitioning Residents

View our directory of common topics related to transitioning Subiaco residents

Noise Management

Information about neighbourhood noise management, investigation and monitoring; noise complaints; and prevention/reduction of offensive noise.

City Monitored Activities

Be informed on what's happening around you in 2018.

Use our interactive online map service to view information about property and locations in the City of Perth local government area.

The following information provides an overview of Council elections in the City of Perth.

Street Trees

Read about how the City of Perth manages the maintenance and pruning of street trees.

As a resident of the City of Perth you may be entitled to apply for a residential parking permit.

Animals and Pets

Read information about being a pet owner and your responsibilities.

Television reception in the city

Find out information if you are experiencing a loss of signal.

Unclaimed and abandoned vehicles

Information on abandoned and unclaimed vehicles and claiming impounded vehicles.

Health and Immunisation

Inform yourself about how matters that can affect your health are managed by the City of Perth.

Graffiti Report & Removal

Help the City remove graffiti from public walls and spaces