Waste Removal Services

The standard waste collection service is a weekly collection of a 240 litre Landfill/General Waste Bin.


Description 18/19 Annual Fee
Residential - Basic Service 240L¹ $313.65
Residential - Additional (240L bin or service) $313.65
Residential - Landfill Waste 660L² $313.65²
Residential - Landfill Waste 1100L³ $313.653
Residential - Additional 240L Green waste $49.00
Residential - Additional 660L Green waste $147.00


1. This fee includes a co-mingled recycling and green waste recycling service for residents.

2. The residential fee for 660L waste is the same as 3 x times the basic 240L Residential fee.  1 per 3 strata units.

3. The residential fee for 1100L waste is the same as 5 x times the basic 240L Residential fee. 1 per 5 strata units.

All fees are 10% GST Exempt

Eligible pensioners may be entitled to a 50% reduction on residential service charges. For further information please contact us at info.city@cityofperth.wa.gov.au or call the Waste and Recycling Hotline 1800 013 827.


Description 18/19 Annual Fee
Commercial - Basic Landfill 240L Service Weekly $370.30*
Commercial - Additional Landfill 240L Service Weekly $253.86*
Commercial - Landfill 660L Service Weekly $747.94*
Commercial - Landfill 1100L Service Weekly $1246.21*
Commercial - Comingled Recycling 240L Service Weekly $165.74*
Commercial - Co-mingled Recycling 660L Service Weekly $485.69*
Commercial Co-mingled Recycling 1100L Service Weekly $809.83*
Commercial - Paper/Cardboard 240L Service Weekly $165.74*
Commercial - Glass Recycling Service Weekly $664.02*
Commercial - Organic Recycling 120L Service Weekly $190.92*
Commercial - Green Waste 240L Service Fortnightly $61.25*
Commercial - Green Waste 660L Service Fortnightly $183.75*
Commercial - Bin Hire - Cardboard 660L $264.24 inc GST
Commercial - Bin Hire - Cardboard 1100L $330.01 inc GST
Commercial - Bin Hire 120L $43.85 inc GST
Commercial - Bin Hire 240L $56.54 inc GST
Commercial - Admin Fee (monthly billing) $134.45 inc GST
Commercial - Admin Fee (ad hoc billing) $54.14 inc GST


*             10% GST Exempt


Description 18/19 Annual Fee
Event - Bin Delivery and Removal Fee Under 5 240L bins, Under 2 660L bins and for 1 1100L bin $93.50
Event - Bin Delivery and Removal Fee from 5-10 240L bins, 2-4 660L bins and 2-4 1100L bins $124.70
Event - Bin Delivery and Removal Fee per and part there of 20 240L bins, 7 660L bins and 4 1100L bins $187.05
Event - Bin Cleaning per bin $2.20
Event - Landfill - 240L Bin Service $6.05
Event - Landfill - 660L Bin Service $16.15
Event - Landfill - 1100L Bin Service $25.40
Event - Recycling - 240L Bin Service $5.80
Event - Recycling - 660L Bin Service $13.20
Event - Recycling -  1100L Bin Service $20.90
Event - Organic Recycling - 120L Bin Service $5.25
Event - Bin Hire 120L/240L per week* $1.10


All event fees are GST inclusive

About replacing or requesting extra bins

Residents and commercial operators with damaged or missing bins may obtain repairs or replacements from the City of Perth. Replacement bins and damaged components will be replaced free of charge.

To obtain a replacement bin for a missing bin, a statutory declaration and application must be made and a Police incident number provided.

If an additional or replacement  MGB  is required it must be obtained from the Waste and Cleansing Unit by contacting us on Free Call 1800 01 38 27 or at WAC.inbox@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

Additional bins or services can only be provided with the written consent from the property owner, strata manager or the managing agent. Written consent must include complete address details and a full description of the additional services required.

All bins remain the property of the City of Perth.

Request a new or extra bin

To request a new or replacement bin please use our online form:

PLEASE NOTE: This request form is for use ONLY if your business or residence is within the City of Perth local authority area. If you are unsure, please check your latest rates notice or view the City of Perth Boundary Map HERE