It is very important City of Perth residents, businesses, visitors and event attendees use the City of Perth recycling services correctly to ensure we reach our target of 65% diversion from landfill by 2025.

Does your building have recycling bins? Do you have too many or not enough bins?
It may be time to review and evaluate your waste services.

The City of Perth offers the following services for free 

  • Evaluation on your internal waste collection and transfer, waste storage and external collection.
  • Provide waste management advice to assist in increasing recycling rates, improving ease of collection, waste storage and decrease waste expenses.
  • Supply education and awareness materials to help you manage waste and recycle correctly.
  • Provide waste and recycling education services within residential and commercial buildings.

For further information about residential waste collection services please email or call the Waste and Recycling Hotline 1800 013 827.

Please find the bin stickers and awareness posters for each waste and recycling stream. You are welcome to use them as needed in your home or business.

Comingled recycling

This recycling service is supplied to all residents, businesses, events and in our public place recycling litter bins.

What can I recycle in my yellow lid bin?


How to excel at recycling

  • Use two bins in your kitchen, one for recycling and one for landfill waste.
  • Recycle all glass (including broken glass), cardboard, paper, metal and plastic. All other materials cannot be recycled in your yellow bin.
  • Ensure all lids are removed from containers and bottles
  • Ensure all recycling is loose in your recycling bin and not in bags.

Green Waste Recycling





Paper and Cardboard Recycling

What can I recycle in my Paper and Cardboard recycling bin?


Cardboard Only Recycling

What can I recycle in my Cardboard Only recycling bin?

card only

Please ensure you flatten all your cardboard and cartons.

Glass Only Recycling

What can I recycle in my Glass Only recycling bin?


Don’t forget that broken glass is still accepted.

Organic Waste Recycling

What can I recycle in my green waste recycling bin?


We have now introduced a lime green lidded 120L Organics bin collection service to the City of Perth’s Waste Services. This stream is meant for food waste, off-cuts, peels, bones, shells, and other organic type waste.

We take this waste to Richgro, where it is fed into a massive industrial digester. The methane produced by the bacteria in turn drives a massive electricity producing turbine, which is put back onto the grid. Once it’s gone through this +/- 30 day cycle, it is then sterilised to kill any pathogens, and then used for their compost.