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Obstruction Permit Restricted Period

In Accordance with Council Policy CP22.3 (5.3), Obstruction Permits for works within the ‘Restricted Period’ that are likely to cause congestion for road users, including pedestrians, may not be approved within ‘Restricted Streets’ unless they are deemed to be essential infrastructure and unavoidable.  

The Restricted Period is from 18 November 2019 to 19 January 2020 inclusive.

Restricted Streets are all roads bounded by:

  • Roe Street;
  • Barrack Street Bridge;
  • Wellington Street;
  • Lord Street;
  • Victoria Avenue;
  • Riverside Drive;
  • Barrack Street;
  • The Esplanade;
  • Mounts Bay Road;
  • Spring Street;
  • St Georges Terrace;
  • Elder Street;
  • Wellington Street; and
  • Sutherland Street

Map of Restriction

Obstruction Permit - Restricted Period Map

Enquiries to: Obstruction Permits

Health & Activity Approvals Unit  (08 9461 3411)