Undercover ushers, secret locations, City landmarks, free sneakers and the hashtag #doitforfree, encapsulates the latest temporary public art project commissioned by the City of Perth.

Over ten days in October, local artist David Attwood’s Do It For Free program will entice and challenge people to explore Perth. On offer are one hundred pairs of Nike sneakers in exchange for the shoes people are wearing.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said Do It For Free will appear as part of the City’s TRANSART 2016 program.

“Art comes in many forms and experiences, and through the TRANSART program, temporary public art is used to question how we perceive our everyday environment and society,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“The beauty of TRANSART commissions are their accessibility and exclusivity to time, space and place.

“Interactive, secret and challenging, the #doitforfree experience will lead people to popular City destinations and encourage them to pay closer attention to their surroundings and the people nearby.”

David Attwood said Do It For Free uses the exchange project along with the cultural connotations of Nike Air Max Sneakers, as a means of broadly exploring alternate relationships between commodities and communities.

“Popularised in the mid-1990s through hip-hop and youth culture, the triple white Air Max 90 has become a global fashion icon broadly associated with the vandal and the delinquent,” Mr Attwood said.

“The aim is to use clues provided on Twitter to track down a Do It For Free ‘usher’, who will take you to a secret exchange location. Once there, you will have to swap the shoes on your feet for a pair of the brand new Air Max 90s.

“Clues will be exclusive to the City of Perth’s Twitter account and will begin on the Monday 10 October, so make sure you follow @CityofPerth and acquaint yourself with the hashtag #doitforfree.”

Do It For Free will conclude with a public exhibition of the collected second hand shoes alongside photographic documentation of the project. The collection of second hand shoes will be donated to a local charity.

For more information and conditions of Do It For Free, visit: www.perth.wa.gov.au/TRANSART

TRANSART: Do It For Free
Shoe exchange 13 October to 23 October, 12 noon – 12.30pm, Perth CBD

Public exhibition,  Times and location to be announced at a later date
An ephemeral work by David Attwood will send you on a hunt through Perth’s most popular destinations to find ‘ushers’ who will take you to a secret exchange location to swap the shoes on your feet for a brand new pair of Nike Air Max 90s. Do It For Free is a public artwork by artist David Attwood, commissioned by the City of Perth as part of the TRANSART 2016 program.
FREE | Twitter: @CityofPerth #doitforfree | www.perth.wa.gov.au/TRANSART

Issued by Adam Westerhout, Communications and Public Relations Officer.
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