City of Perth 2014 Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Award winners


Today the City of Perth welcomed 54 new Australian citizens and awarded three with the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards.

A crowd of 300 onlookers, friends and family witnessed the one hour ceremony, which saw both adults and children pledge their commitment to Australia, its values and our common future, joining 4.6 million people nationwide who have chosen to become Australian citizens since the very first citizenship ceremony 65 years ago.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the City of Perth’s Australia Day Citizenship and Awards Ceremony is the biggest of around seven it holds throughout the year, with added celebratory elements.

“While the number of new citizens pledging at our regular ceremonies is increasing, Australia Day is still the one most people hope to be at and the one I most look forward to as it has that extra element of being on a day when the whole country is joined in celebrating what it means to be Australian,” the Lord Mayor said.

Pledges, made either as an Oath (under God) or Affirmation (non-religious version), were today made by people from 22 countries: Bangladesh; Canada; China; Colombia; Hong Kong; India; Italy; Kenya; Malaysia; Mauritius; Myanmar; New Zealand; Philippines; Poland; South Korea; Singapore; South Africa; Thailand; Zimbabwe; the USA; UK and Ireland.

The citizenship proceedings were enhanced with the Australia Day Flag Raising Ceremony, conducted by TS Marmion Navy Cadets; performances of traditional Australian songs by Rhys Wood and the City of Perth Concert Band; and a Welcome to Country by Barry McGuire, recognising the contribution of Indigenous Australians to our nation.

Three Australians were acknowledged with the 2014 Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards, given by local governments throughout Australia to recognise individuals and groups for their outstanding contribution and participation within the local community.

Citizen of the Year: Ms Marina Del Basso

Citizen of the Year under 25: Ms Emma Miller

Community Group or Event: Twilight Hawkers Market

Lord Mayor Scaffidi congratulated the City of Perth winners, saying their endeavours represented the best of our state’s capital city.

“The City often works with Australian Performing Arts Network CEO Marina Del Basso for our festive events. She is a tireless champion of youth throughout Perth who has provided leadership, inspiration and motivation to our young people over many years,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Emma Miller goes above and beyond her daily duties as Operations & Events Manager to do great PR for The Bell Tower and enhance the experience of visitors there. She loves her job and is a great role model to others her age.

“In the Twilight Hawkers Market, Sally’s company Events & Beyond has created a much loved addition to Perth, bringing street food from around the globe to the heart of the city on Friday nights, October to April. People flock from all over Perth to enjoy the community village atmosphere, culinary and cultural diversity this market brings.

The Lord Mayor added: “Such dedication to making our community an even better place shows just how much Australia means to people. Looking out for others, giving a leg up to those who need it, and sharing positive experiences based on our commonalities, not our differences, is what this great day and our nation is about.”

For more on what the rest of our National Day has in store, download the City’s new Australia Day Skyworks app from the App Store, follow #SkyWorks2014, or see

Photo: L-R Emma Miller, Tony Simpson MLA, Sally Lewis, Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, Marina Del Basso


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