Some interesting facts and figures about Perth.

Land Area

2,525,500 km2

Population (Dec 2016)

2.6 million people

(Australian Bureau of Statistics Estimated Resident Population, December 2016)

Land Area

6,418 km2

(Greater Perth area refers to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Greater Capital City Statistical Area – Greater Perth.)


2.04 million people

(Australian Bureau of Statistics, Estimated Resident Population, March 2016)

Land Area


13.85 km2 (land area only)

Estimated Total Daytime Population

Around 205,750 workers and visitors estimated to be in Central Perth CBD during the day on a typical weekday.


In addition, over 25,000 attend to the University of Western Australia and Queen Elizabeth II Medical Precinct on a typical week day.


(City of Perth – Daytime Visitor Estimate. Arup, 2015)


Gross Regional Product (2013-14)

$42 billion or 26% of Greater Perth’s GRP


(REMPLAN Economic Profile

Workforce Population

134,500 workers (2011)


Plus an estimated 25,000 workers and students attend University of Western Australia and Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre on a typical weekday.

(ABS Census 2011)


Number of Businesses

Around 14,000 registered businesses with 5,500 providing employment.


(REMPLAN Economic Profile

Value of Building Approvals

$941 million (2015-16)


(REMPLAN Economic Profile

Resident Population (2015)

24,244 residents (2015)


(Australian Bureau of Statistics Estimated Resident Population, 2015 (to be confirmed in Census 2016)

Resident Median Age

31 years


(ABS Census 2011)

Forecast Resident Population (2036)

39,700 residents (2036)


(ID Forecast, 2016

Resident Age Profile

48% of residents are

20 to 34 years of age


(ABS Census 2011)

Resident Diversity

53% of residents were born overseas, from 54 countries and 33% can speak another language other than English.


(ABS Census 2011)

Number of Homes

12,290 private dwellings

Household Composition

1.83 people per household (average)

33% one-person households

26% couples (no children) households


(ABS Census 2011)


Number of Students

Estimated 38,000 students enrolled in 108 education organisations, with 13,800 students attending the Perth Central CBD on a daily basis.


(City of Perth – Daytime Visitor Estimate. Arup, 2015)

Parks and Gardens

26 parks over 118 hectares


The oldest Park is Stirling Gardens which was planted in 1845.

Oldest Building The Old Court

Constructed 1836

Largest Building (by floor area)

Brookfield Place
75,000sqm of office space

Tallest Building

Central Park
261.7 metres (51 floors)

City of Perth Foundation Day

12 August 1829

Geographical Coordinates

Latitude 31° S, Longitude 115° E


11.2 metres above Sea Level



Average Temperatures

Summer 30 C (max) 17 C (min)
Winter 18 C (max) 8 C (min)


Western Australian Time (GMT +8)

Sister Cities

Kagoshima, Japan (1974)
Houston, Texas, USA (1984)
Rhodes, Greece (1984)
Megisti, Greece (1984)
San Diego, California, USA (1987)
Vasto, Italy (1989)
Nanjing, China (1998)
Taipei, Taiwan (1999)
Chengdu City, China (2009)

Charters of Mutual Friendship

Grenoble, France (inactive1985)
Perth, Scotland (2006)
Seocho City, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea (2008)

Council Composition

Lord Mayor and 8 Elected Members

Annual Revenue Budget including capital grants

$192 million (2014/15)

International Airport

10 kilometres from Perth CBD