If you have any queries regarding Residential Parking Permits, please contact the City’s Parking Services Unit on (08) 9461 3800 between 8.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday or by email to info.city@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

Click below to lodge an online application for a Residential Parking Permit.


You may also be interested in viewing CP22.6 Resident On-Street Parking Policy in the City of Perth Policy Manual.

You can submit your application by:

Online Application
If approved you will receive a payment reference which will enable you to pay securely by credit card online. Payment cannot be made without this information. 

Online Application

Online Credit Card Payment

Paper Application
Please refer to application forms in the documents section on the right hand side, the application must be submitted together with a cheque or money order made payable to the City of Perth, (Due to credit card security requirements credit card payments cannot be submitted this way)

Residential Parking Permit Application Form

Att: City of Perth Parking Services Unit
GPO Box C120
Perth, WA 6839

If you are a concession card holder, please refer to the permit applications form regarding fee concession details.

A residential parking permit costs: 
•    $56.00      3 - 6 months (one per property) 
•    $108.00    7 - 12 months (one per property) 
•    $27.00      Replacement of lost permits (no concession applies)

Concession Card Holders
Holders of Pensioner, or Senior’s Concession cards issued by Centrelink, or Department of Veteran’s Affairs, or a State concession card issued by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support are eligible for reduced permit costs. (Health Care Cards are not accepted)

  • $14.00             3-6 months (Concession card holder)
  • $27.00             7-12 months (Concession card holder)
    Please included supporting evidence when applying.

Please make note of the below Residential Parking Permit Application conditions.

1.    No concessions are provided without a current valid  permit being clearly displayed in the vehicle..

2.    A Residential Parking Permit cannot be issued to businesses.

3.    The permit can only be used within the respective precinct and the vehicle must be parked in a valid parking bay designated for permit parking.

4.    A permit cannot be used in the following areas:
•    Within another Precinct
•    No Stopping or No Parking
•    Clearways
•    Laneways, Footpaths, Driveways or Verges
•    Alfresco Dining
•    Bus, Taxi, Loading or Work Zones
•    Parking restrictions less than 1 hour
•    Acrod bays
•    Motor cycle bays

5.    A Permit does not guarantee a parking space in the ‘precinct’ specified.

6.    Infringement notices will be issued to vehicles which fail to display a valid permit or display an invalid or expired permit.

7.    A Permit will be revoked if misused, copied or sold to a third party.

8.    Permits can only be used by residents or persons visiting your property. They cannot be used by persons undertaking business activities in the City.

9.    Response time: 10 working days from date of receipt