The City provides guidance on and issues the following permits within the City

Building Permits

Generally, a building permit is required before any building work can be carried out. A registered building surveyor is engaged by the applicant to certify compliance to the building standards by issuing a certificate of design compliance. 

Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required for the demolition, dismantling or removal of a building or incidental structure.

Occupancy Permits

An occupancy permit must be obtained before a building can be occupied. Occupancy permits cover a number of different scenarios, including:

  •  occupying a completed new building; 
  • changing an existing building’s use or classification; 
  • retrospectively authorising an unauthorised building; or
  • temporarily occupying an incomplete building. 

Strata clearances

An occupancy permit strata is used to obtain strata titles from Landgate. It cannot be used to occupy a building.

Events and Temporary Building Permits 

Temporary structures such as marquees, tents, grandstands, lighting towers and the like associated with events or other activities require approval under the Health and Building Acts.

For more detail on the permits and application process refer to the Building Commission website

The City can also provide advice and guidance for transferal of permits and certification of unauthorised works.