When considering a fit-out, refurbishment, modification or alteration to an existing building there are a number of matters which need to be considered and specialised expert advice may be required.

The City of Perth can provide specialised expert advise on the upgrade of existing building stock in relation to new uses, strata titles, energy efficiency, access for people with disabilities and to meet acceptable life safety requirements.

The particular building may be State Heritage listed or listed under the City of Perth Planning Scheme which may require a planning application for approval.

The alterations may impact on the Premises Standard in relation to access for people with disabilities.

The proposed use may constitute a change of use or building classification under the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  This may result in an upgrade of the building to comply with current building standards and the issue of a new occupancy permit

The building may no longer be suitable for the intended use and could be considered either dangerous or unfit for occupation.