The City will liaise with all planning authorities prior to the issuing approval or permit.

Heritage Council 

Heritage is important in understanding the story of Western Australia - its history, identity and character.

Heritage is diverse and consists of places such as buildings, monuments, gardens, cemeteries, landscapes and archaeological sites. 

The community, shares the responsibility to identify and care for important places, and pass on to future generations so they will understand what came before them. 

The State Heritage Office works with the Heritage Council works and the community to recognise and celebrate our significant heritage places, and to promote their long-term viability into the future through sensitive development and adaptation.

Swan River Trust

Established in 1989, the Swan River Trust is a State government agency charged with protecting and managing the Swan Canning river system.

In our role as caretaker of one of Perth’s most famed natural treasures, we work with community, industry, local government and other State government agencies.

We focus on maintaining and improving the environmental health of the Riverpark and ensuring the community can enjoy it now and in the future.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority continues the work of the former redevelopment authorities revitalising large areas in and around Central and East Perth, Subiaco, Midland and Armadale. Our role as Perth's redevelopment agency enables us to transform urban spaces, creating places where people want to live, work and recreate. 

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is committed to Place Making - a powerful framework for urban regeneration that considers triple bottom linesustainability for ongoing investment attraction, as well as diversity, heritage and culture.