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Perth City Snapshot

The Perth City Snapshot 2016 provides a high level picture of Perth City as a place across six strategic themes. Photo courtesy of George Nuich.

Urban Forest Plan

The City of Perth Urban Forest Plan is a strategic action plan focused on promoting the long term health and resilience of the urban forest.

Supreme Court Gardens Upgrade

View details about the Supreme Court Gardens upgrade.

Transport Strategy

A city wide transport strategy to ensure Perth's transport systems contribute to a sustainable, productive, livable and vibrant city

Hamilton Precinct Urban Design Study

This study investigates an appropriate vision, scale and form of development for the future redevelopment within the Hamilton Precinct.

Smoke Free Zones

Parts of Perth city are smoke free zones. Find out where they are.

City of Perth Cycle Plan 2029

The City of Perth has developed this Cycle Plan for the city to support the thousands of people choosing to cycle

Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

The City of Perth is keen to promote a happy and healthy community both for those who live in the area but also those who work in or visit in the city

Two Way Streets

The City is committed to converting CBD streets to two way traffic to improve accessibility and safety to all road users

Energy Resilience Strategic Directions Paper

The City of Perth has released its Energy Resilience Strategic Directions Paper

Public Art Study - Review Report

The City of Perth adopted the Public Art Study: Review Report, the first step in a process to develop a clear direction for public art

City Laneways Enhancement and Forgotten Spaces

The City of Perth has embarked on a long term plan to revitalise the City’s laneways and forgotten spaces

Lighting Strategy

Our Lighting Strategy addresses how we plan to enhance the city through illuminating initiatives - for both public and private developments.

Our Walkable City

The city of Perth is improving walkability through core components of various initiatives.

Public Spaces and Public Life

The second of two studies by world-renowned Danish architect Jan Gehl to improve the City environment

Forgotten Spaces - Upper Floor Activation in Perth

This study examines the financial and practical feasibility of upper floor activation in established buildings in the City of Perth.

Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework is a design tool that provides a physical interpretation of the City of Perth’s vision and strategies.

Street Tree Framework

Street trees are an invaluable asset to the city.

Small Bars

The City of Perth is a strong supporter of the State Government’s 2007 liquor licensing reform, facilitating the development of new small bars

Footfall Analytics

View details about the City of Perth's six month footfall analytics trial.

Taxi Rank Guidelines

This document provides guidance on how to locate and design new taxi ranks within the City of Perth.