The purpose of this report is to investigate an appropriate vision, scale and form of development for future redevelopment within the Hamilton Precinct in the City of Perth.

This report builds on the principles of the City’s Urban Design Framework (An Urban Design Framework – A Vision for Perth 2029) and the findings of an economic analysis report prepared by the AEC Group and dated 20 August 2010.

PDF icon Hamilton Precinct -Urban Design Study - November 2011.pdf


The City’s portion of the Hamilton Precinct comprises an area of approximately 7.4 hectares and is bounded by the Mitchell Freeway to the north and east, Railway Street to the south and Loftus Street to the west. It is bordered by the City of Vincent to the north and the Town of Cambridge and the City of Subiaco to the west.

The Hamilton Precinct is currently utilised primarily for commercial and retail uses, and also accommodates several service industrial businesses. The majority of the precinct is taken up by the City West development, which functions as the major bulky goods centre for the Perth region and also accommodates SciTech, a specialist knowledge centre and planetarium. There are also a couple of relatively new commercial developments, as well as some vacant land. There is currently no residential or tourism provision located within the precinct.

Under the provisions of the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS), the majority of the Hamilton Precinct (excluding road reserves) is within the ‘Urban’ zone, whilst under the provisions of the City of Perth City Planning Scheme No.2 (CPS2) the precinct is currently classified as ‘Commercial’.

The City has been aware of the redevelopment potential of the Hamilton Precinct for some time. In 2010, the City commissioned an economic analysis report and an urban design study for the precinct to establish suitable development parameters for future redevelopment.

This decision was precipitated by the City’s development of general guiding principles for city growth in its 2010 document; An Urban Design Framework – A Vision for Perth 2029, which acknowledges the opportunity to intensify mixed use development in the Hamilton Precinct based on Transit Orientated Development principles.

Additionally, at that time, the Plot Ratio and Built Form Study (Part A), undertaken by Town Planning and Urban Design on behalf of the City, identified a lack of development intensity around several transport nodes within the city, including City West.

The City engaged the AEC Group in March 2010 to undertake an economic analysis of the Hamilton Precinct. The study provided a broad strategic economic analysis of the role and function, and included the evaluation of a number of development scenarios to test the development potential of the Hamilton Precinct. The economic analysis report also highlighted the potential for the Hamilton Precinct to be developed as a vibrant medium density, mixed-use precinct close to two railway stations and within close proximity to the CBD.