The Perth City Snapshot 2016 provides a strategic analysis of city life - people and culture, economy, natural environment, built form and movement – to inform planning and decision-making.

The Perth City Snapshot 2016 provides a high level picture of Perth City as a place across six strategic themes: People, Culture, Natural Environment, Economy, City Form and Movement. The Snapshot gathers and analyses a selected range of data and information to identify and better understand the current state of Perth City in 2016. It aims to assist the community to consider “where are we now” and “where do we want to be”? And it identifies key gaps in data and information about Perth City that may inform future strategic research for the City.

The Snapshot contributes to an evidence-based approach to planning and decision-making as acknowledged in the Australian’s Government’s Smart Cities Plan and the City of Perth’s Strategic Community Plan – Vision 2029+. It will inform the development of future city indicators and targets and provides a baseline for measuring progress towards these.