Forrest Place, Murray St Mall and Hay St Mall are now smoke free. The City of Perth is the first WA council to prohibit smoking in a major pedestrian area, joining other major Australian and international smoke free cities. Offenders can be fined up to $100 if found smoking in these areas and City Rangers patrol these areas on a regular basis to ensure they are maintained as smoke free.

Thousands of cigarette butts are thrown on the ground in Perth every day.

Cigarette butts are the number one littered item in Australia. They are not biodegradable and make our city look unatractive. 

Bin your butts.



MYTH 1: No Bins are ever around...

Not true - There are lots of bins around, BUT bins can’t be everywhere. Find one, or use a personal ashtray.

MYTH 2: Everyone does it…

Not true - Lots of smokers never litter and bin their butts responsibly. You should too.

MYTH 3: One small butt won’t do any harm…

Not true - One small butt equates to around seven BILLON butts littered in Australia each year.

MYTH 4: Butts break down…

Not true - Filters are made of plastic filaments and all kinds of toxins and can take up to 15 years to break down.

Information courtesy of Butt Free Australia.



•    It is estimated around one in 10 cigarette butts ends up in the river and waterways.
•    Animals often mistake butts for food and they impact on wildlife habitat.
•    Young children have been known to put butts they find in streets and parks in their mouth.
•    Cleaning up butt litter is a big expense.
•    Butt litter is visual pollution and impacts on the places where we all work, live and play.
•    Butts have been known to cause fires when thrown from car windows and to start house fires.
•    Toxins (like cadmium, lead, arsenic and zinc) leach into the water and soil as butts break down. 



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