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As part of the overall development of Elizabeth Quay, the State Government has committed to funding upgrade works to Supreme Court Gardens.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and City of Perth have since agreed on an approach where the City, in liaison with the MRA, will deliver the upgrade of the Gardens within a budget of $3.1, funded by the State Government.

Design Principals and Key Elements
The cultural values of the Gardens – which relate to the utility of the open space, vegetated perimeter and the presence of heritage and mature trees – are to remain untouched by the upgrade works.

Adding to these cultural values, the broader outcomes for the Gardens upgrade are:

  • Protection and restoration of existing heritage and historical sites
  • Improved and robust events facilities/capabilities
  • Re-fitted public toilet
  • Connected pedestrian pathways
  • Upgraded public lighting, communications, drainage, sewerage, water supply and reticulation

For more information on the project please contact Vaughan James - City of Perth Coordination and Design Unit on 9461 3446